Our Brands

Al Abraaj is a Bahraini household brand that evokes the true essence of Arabian generosity and hospitality. Recognized for its diverse array of freshly prepared, high-quality dishes that appeal to all tastes, well known for offering unbeatable consistency and affordability. Al Abraaj is a representation of the colorful regional culture.

A relaxing oasis, a restaurant, sheesha house, and cafe, Al Bindaira ticks all the boxes, encompassing a wide range of classic and contemporary Arabic gastronomy. The popular cafe boasts a blend of traditional Middle Eastern regional and international dishes, from classic mezzes to charcoal grills and Khaleeji rice favorites, in a stylish ambience with relaxed seating.

The design is inspired by traditional Arabian palatial spaces. Blending rich materials with natural light-filled conservatories with cozy hidden seating areas.

A high-street, youthful offshoot of Alabraaj that serves authentic, simple, local flavours from the charcoal grill.

Nu Asia offers a journey of Asian-inspired flavors and aromas. An unparalleled casual dining destination with delectable food favorites. The Pan Asian menu offers eclectic cuisine from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

A vibrant contemporary atmosphere designed to infuse the bright colours & patterns of Asia in one space.

LUMEE means lemons and limes in local dialect, with the freshness of lemons being the inspiration behind the concept in everything from the food to the atmosphere, Lumee is an ever-evolving brand that offers excitement with every bite, and aims to refresh the perception of local cuisine with creative and contemporary dishes.

The interior celebrates the exotic spirit of the Middle East and buzzing street-food atmosphere. Vivid yellow and green highlights bring a sharp contemporary accent and contrasts with traditional textures.

Translating to ‘wow’, an Arabic expression of surprise or astonishment, YaSalam! Is a playful, fast-casual brand, offering customizable, mix-and-match shawarmas, burgers, salads, rice, and pasta. As the go-to destination for students, young professionals, and families, the menu allows people to customize their freshly prepared meals creating endless exciting possibilities.

YaSalam’s look and feel is inspired by midcentury modern elements, with black and white tiles, some retro references, ply chairs, and darker wood veneer.

A feast for the senses, OTTO is an Italian trattoria boasting Neapolitan cuisine in a warm and cozy atmosphere. A modest but tantalizing menu ffeaturing slow-fermented sourdough pizzas, handmade pasta, and delectable desserts. Otto is all about putting Italian passion into every dish.

The design reflects the vibrancy of Italian trattorias and pizzerias, craftily blended with the elegance of Italian marble and furniture.

San Carlo Cicchetti is an Italian brand that uses the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. Many of the ingredients are flown in from produce markets across Italy to ensure authenticity.